How to use templates designed for the previous chm2web versions

When updating to version 2.73

You can open the help system with the Search or Index tab already selected in version 2.73. To add this feature to existing templates, you should modify the MAINFRAMESET.BODY section by replacing the name of the file displaying the Contents tab with the construction ?TAB:(contents selected)|(index selected)|(search selected)? that defines the names of the files used to display all three tabs. Thus, for instance, the following string was modified in the quiet.body template of version 2.73:
<frame name="hleftframe" src="helpleftcon.html" scrolling="no" noresize> with
<frame name="hleftframe" src="?tab:helpleftcon.html|helpleftind.html|helpleftsch.html?" scrolling="no">

When updating to version 2.7

Version 2.7 has no considerable changes in the template format, but if your template is based on the standard one and now you want to use it in version 2.7 (with the "Use server-side scripting" option enabled), you should change all strings "helpindex.html" for "#INDEX.FILE.NAME#" and "helpsearch.html" for "#SEARCH.FILE.NAME#" in the html files of the template. chm2web will replace these macros with the corresponding file names (with the html extension if you use javascript or the php extension if you use php).

When updating to version 2.4

As the template format has been considerably changed and the full-text search has been added in the chm2web 2.40, the templates created for the previous chm2web versions are no longer supported. In order to build the browser based help system using your old template please use chm2web 2.18, you can still download it from

Old type template conversion into a new one demands considerable efforts.

It is recommended to create the template again using the chm2web 2.40 documentation and standard templates from the Templates folder. You can move the [MOBILE.CONTENTS.BODY], [MOBILE.BODY] and [NOFRAMES.BODY] sections in most cases without changing from the old template into a new one.

Please keep in mind, that the template will not be displayed on the chm2web Templates tab until you specify the correct value for the FORBUILD variable in the [BODY.INFO] section.

Converted from CHM to HTML with chm2web Pro 2.74 (unicode)