Style Sheets Tab

By default, instead of the styles used in the original chm file, chm2web applies the styles specified in the template as well as those specified in the Additional CSS field. Turn off the "Use template defined style sheets" option if you want to use original styles in the generated help system.

Additional CSS - you can use the Additional CSS field to define any styles that will be applied to all files in the help system. In this field you can use any variables defined in the OPEN.FIELDS section of the template. The example below shows how to change the color of headings in the help system to black and to the color that is defined in the #SCHEMECOLOR4# variable of the selected template:

h2,h3,h4 { color: black }
h1 { color: #SCHEMECOLOR4# }

Converted from CHM to HTML with chm2web Pro 2.74 (unicode)