Expanding capabilities of the command line parameters

If the regular capabilities of the command line parameters are insufficient, you can add more functions to it if you do the following:

  1. Create project chm2web with necessary settings using any script language or even .bat file.
  2. Launch chm2web and specify the name of the project in the first parameter.

Folder chm2web\examples\cmdline contains two files that serve as the examples of expanding functional capabilities. Thus, for example, you can use makehelp.bat to do the following conversion of file my_original_help.chm:
  makehelp.bat c:\my_original_help.chm c:\target_folder\ "My help titile"

Let's see how it works:

File called createproject.bat creates project chm2web with the parameters specified in the command line: the first parameter is the name of original chm-file; the second parameter is your target folder; the third parameter is the title of your web online help system.

File makehelp.bat consists of two functional lines: the first line launches creatproject.bat file and creates tempprj.chm2web file in projects folder:
  start /wait /b createproject.bat %1 %2 %3 > projects\tempprj.chm2web
The second line launches chm2web, which converts the documents according to the settings you specified:
  chm2web.exe projects\tempprj.chm2web

Converted from CHM to HTML with chm2web Pro 2.74 (unicode)