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How to create an online html help system (webhelp) with chm2web help authoring software?

HTML Help Authoring SolutionChm2web is a powerful online help authoring solution. You can use it to quickly and easily create an online help system (for instance, like this one) with the table of contents, the index and a full-text search that your customers will be able to view in any web browser.

It is very easy to create an online help system (webhelp) with chm2web help authoring software:

  • Create the pages of your help system, its table of contents and index in any HTML Help authoring tool. The free Microsoft tool called Microsoft HTML Help Workshop will do quite well. You can also use commercial tools. Virtually any of them allows you to create a chm file that you need for chm2web to work.
  • Open the chm file created in step 1 in chm2web, select the appearance of your online help system from the template library, configure the parameters of your help system and click the "Build" button.
  • That's all! Your online help system is ready. You can upload files created by chm2web to your web server and your visitors will be able to work with your documentation right in their web browsers.

Features of web help created with chm2web

  • Customizable. The design of the web help is completely customizable: you can use existing templates, edit them or create your own templates. Anyone who knows html can create a new template from scratch.
  • Powerful. It has a tree-like table of contents, an index and a full-text search. It is also possible to create a static version without any scripts that is perfectly indexed by search spiders.
  • Crossplatform. It is possible to open the help system both from a web server and directly from the customer's disk. Besides, it does not matter what operating system is installed on the user's computer. It will work under Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • Context help. You can open any page in the help system using a direct link to it.

So, chm2web is a powerful and flexible help authoring solution not only for converting already existing documentation into the convenient format of online help, but also for creating documentation from scratch.

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